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Originally Posted by kirkster70 View Post
Pretty fun tool to play with, isn't it? More useful than you could ever imagine and it allows you to tackle big jobs with ease.

I was REALLY bummed out the other day when Dave stopped by and I couldn't post pics of his V-Strom hoisted in the air while performing a swingarm repair. We had to use a come-along on the beam instead of the hoist. I guess I could have snapped some pics still, but it just wasn't the same. HaHa!

I'm glad it's fixed now!
Oh yeah. Not straining my back is worth every penny I've invested.

I keep looking for a nice Budgit or CM electric hoist, but none have turned up on CL. I may just buy one from Northern Tool. They have a decent 2,000 lb unit for about $300. Not a great duty cycle, but it would get done what I need to get done.

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