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Front sprocket shaft play

I arrived this afternoon from a very much enjoyed morning excursion into the nearby woods. Carburettor problems and stalling sorted out, a worn slide, float and needle being the culprits.
So after cleaning the bike, when I was about to oil the chain I noticed quite a lot of play in the rear sprocket - the bearing being the cause, I guess - and more worrying, I also noticed some axial play on the front sprocket shaft. I changed the sprocket seal about one year and 10k kms. ago and by then there was no noticeable play.
Er ... if the shaft inner bearing needs a replacement does it mean I'd have to take the engine apart ... completely?
From what I've read, the f/s axial play tolerance is 0.4mm. I'd say it's around or perhaps a bit more than that.
My LC4 is a '03 640E with 49k kms on the clock.
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