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You mentality is well thought out, but wrong. Someone, who in this case was under the influence, is MUCH MORE DANGEROUS than someone who isn't.

Let me make another, more reasonable point simple as I can. Riders as a whole are more cautious than drivers in a cage. Right? Right! Why? They have more at stake pending their choices, even their very lives are at more risk than someone in a car. Right? Right! So, if penalties DRASTICALLY INCREASED to EVERYONE behind the wheel of a cage, they would take more responsibility and care while driving. Right? I do believe so.

You can't judge people by motive alone, and ignore the end results. If you did, then you lay no responsibility on the individuals at fault. If I where to get drunk, and fire a gun at some object in someone's yard, (my own yard, neighbor's, whoever,) and instead accidentally hit and kill someone, I would be charged with murder. Right? But my motive was not to hit the person, why am I being charged? Cause of very poor thinking, decisions, and actions, and their end results. The same goes in driving. Vehicles are deadly weapons, if used in that manor, just like a gun, knife, whatever. Therefore, the charge in my opinion should be no less than if they accidentally shot this guys friend. After all, the formula for the cause of death in the two cases is almost identical. Carelessness, impaired, poor judgement, resulting in fatal actions. Only difference is the tool used to cause the death of an innocent victim.
Some of this is right some of it is wrong but too lazy to point it out.
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