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Watts Hut

I had the weekend off as one of the other guys did the machine opps. (Opps are the checks we have to do every couple hours on the machines running the power house)
It gave me and 3 others a chance to try get back up to Watts Hut. Its about a 20km drive on the sea ice then up a fjord. Once you reach the end of the fjord you cross over a land bridge onto a fresh water lake. The lake is solid ice and quite possibly one of the most amazing things I have seen!!! While standing on the ice you hear mighty booms and the ground moves!!! Its the ice releasing pressure and makes these massive cracks!!! It bloody well scares the f#$k out of you as well!!!!
Once we reached the hut we settled in and got our selfs warm. Later once the sun went down we went back up onto the lake to get some night pictures of the frozen lake.

Here are a couple pictures from the trip.

The ice was like cement!!! It took ages to drill through it!!

The ice is that clear you can see the ground 40meters below!!!

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