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KLR back on the road yesterday...
dirt roads are nice for break in riding...

without riding a stock KLR then the 685+ kit to compare I can say there is some improvement, sounds better even in stock exhaust and runs smoother and definitey likes to get the throttle twisted.

ran 20 miles, changed oil then back out for another 50 last evening. A couple rainy rides to work this week and break in will be over and ready for a ride to Weld area this weekend

I call it the 685+ because I advanced the exhaust cam 1 tooth
The addition of the "thermo-bob" which is an automotive thermostat system keeps the temp steady all the time. Temp gage just left of center all the time, no more barely off of cold as usual way of running.
Sometimes I get off the bike before it has come to a complete stop....
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