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Originally Posted by PatrickM View Post
With many threads on the subject, and am not quite sure where to post this - so thought I'd use this one :)

The 2013 F800GS uses a 43mm WP fork. Talking to the KTM guys and it looks like some of the older KTM's used a 43mm fork as well.

Would the WP 4357 (43mm) work and/or be a drop in? It apparently was used in a variety of bikes and had the compression and rebound settings (top and bottom) that the Shiver replacement for the 2008-2012 are taking advantage of.
Sounds like the process would be the same then:

1) buy donor forks
2) use internals from donor forks
3) have stock BMW fork bottom lugs machined to accept the comp. adjuster
4) use top cap & internals from donor fork & have it valved & sprung for your weight.
5) if they are same length travel as BMW then no changes needed. If more travel they can easily be shortened internally by adding a spacer.
6) Bolt it back on and ride.

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