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Originally Posted by Gimme 2 View Post
Nice shot in the creek mate! Not a bad looking bike either

I only just learned these have a weight of 230 kilos fully fueled .23 liters of juice. If this is true , then it has more standard fuel capacity and is maybe also lighter than the 990 which weighed in @ 209kgs standard form unfueled (22l fuel). Pretty impressive.
Looking forward to more posts and pics.


Btw i rekon if it rides anything like the 990 then only difference btween it and a 450 is real tight stuff, big logs ,slippery mud hills and stopping. They are amazing handlers, i imagine the 1190R no different, only better in every way.

I think they are a bit heavier according to the spec sheet (217kg without fuel) but they certainly feel light whilst riding. It is still only early days for me on the 1190 but I would struggle to draw a comparison with the 990 as I never spent extensive amounts of time on one. I have a few mates who do very impressive things on the 9X0's in the bush though, so I think the 1190 has a lot to live up to in that regard?

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