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ENOUGH! Already

Beautiful downtown Slana experienced the same lousy weather over the weekend that the rest of the state managed to enjoy - snow most of Saturday and about 2" of fresh accumulation early Sunday AM. But the sun finally came out Sunday evening. Just as I was getting out from under the cloud cover I met a small, yellow dualsport heading toward Tok, looking as though the rider was chasing the clouds. Maybe he hasn't had enough snow this so-called "spring"?.

By this time tomorrow I expect to be having breakfast in Pittsburgh, PA - where it's been in the 80's the last few days. Next Sunday should see me heading for Key West to rid my body of any last vestiges of the white stuff that still surrounds the homeplace a foot deep. Then, meandering as last year, north and west, hopefully to the Huddy rancho to visit our recovering hero and Spousal Unit (without adding a quart every 300 miles).

Weather permitting, it might be on up to Prudhoe Bay before that trip is over and I switch to the KLR for the ride over to D2D, but I ain't countin' on it.

If the past week's weather continues, however, I may have to find me a rich, blue-haired widow to support me in the manner to which I wish to become accustomed, and stay in the land of sunny beaches and hurricanes. Have I mentioned that I'M SICK OF SNOW!

Rather than droplets of oil, SPOT will record my progress (or lack thereof): Spotwalla.

Try to have the snow all melted by the time I get back. Please!
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