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Originally Posted by slowoldguy View Post
Further proof that starting a sentence with "Honestly," means "I'm about to say some lying shit."
Probably... Or, and this is really scary, she sat through the whole incident and really didn't see or understand anything. She sure doesn't sound like someone who's suffering from pneumonia, pretty hale and hearty with a clear voice. Probably just covering for her husband/boyfriend and his maniacal driving. How cool is it that this asshole was caught??? I wonder what his sorry road-raging ass felt when he looked into the barrel of a gun in the hand of an apparent OTHER road-rager before he realized he was a policeman? I hope that gave him pause, maybe scared him shitless. And bravo to the prosecutor for filing attempted murder charges! Damn right...

I am happy the rider and his passenger weren't killed, and thrilled that the jerkoff car driver was caught. I completely agree with the poster above who said you can't win against a car. I watch like a hawk for erratic behavior and just try to stay out of it's way.

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