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Originally Posted by D R View Post
While in principle this sounds like a good idea be careful what you ask for. If you produce as evidence a segment of video which shows one particular traffic incident, be prepared for every second of every video you have ever recorded while riding your motorcycle to be subpoenaed and scrutinized for any and all traffic infractions you may have made.

If you're going to record your commutes as a means of legal protection/evidence, be certain you stick rigidly to ALL traffic laws, to include the speed limit.

Most people who record their commutes for this purpose delete each day where nothing significant happens.

It's what I would do...what's the point of having thousands of hours of video lying around that is all boring commuting?

That said, if something noteworthy DID happen in a video, you had better hope you weren't being an ass 15 minutes prior doing something stupid because it will look really suspicious if you edit the video to only include the part you need
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