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So Iím sitting at home on Saturday morning, no pressing chores to be done, mowed the yard a couple evenings ago, wife out with the youngest doing their thing, and me suddenly realizing I had a few hours free. She suggested that I go for a ride, so after determining it wasnít a trick , it took me about 2 seconds to decide I would seize the moment. I knew the forecast for the day was hot and humid, but I figured as long as I kept moving it wonít be too bad, and Iíd have water to keep hydrated, and a couple snacks, and that the uncomfort of the weather would be worth getting a chance to ride for a few hours!

I started scrambling to figure out where to ride. Fortunately, even when I donít have rides planned, I often look on maps to see if I can find new or interesting places to ride that are within a reasonable distance from home. If I rode a big ADV bike my options would open up somewhat, but riding a ľ liter ďdirt bikeĒ and only having a few hours, the thought of riding an hour or more of slab just to get to anything more exciting doesnít exactly thrill me. But Iíll take what I can get and know Iíll enjoy it anyway!

I jump on the computer, convert some of the Google maps I've played around with to GPX files, and then load them into Basecamp for some finalizing. I don't have a special route planned this time, but instead have several places that I thought might be worth checking out. The tracks I had created were somewhat piecemeal, but I figured Iíd decide on the fly, and if I hit a dead end, then Iíd just try to connect to another track I would have loaded.

I grab some snacks, a couple bottles of water and stow them in my tank & tail bags. Iím still running my 606s from when okraider81 and I did our ride to Natural Falls, so I knew Iíd be safe if I got into any sand or mud. I do the once over on Roxy, check tire pressure, gear up, and head out on my way.
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