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Originally Posted by YetiGS View Post
This story confirms one of my biggest fears on a bike. There are just too many angry, frustrated drivers who lack self-control/morals. I never, ever get into it with car drivers when I'm on my bike.
Try being on a bicycle with those kinds of people on the road.

Not only are you vulnerable, you can't get out of the danger area with a twist of the wrist!

I have driven AND ridden across that stretch of freeway, as well as up and down the 5/805 corridor many, many times. 99% of the people out there are just trying to get home. ...but... there's that last 1%.

I hesitate to think what would have happened if the off-duty cop hadn't been around.

Westbound at 1745? I guess the eastbound traffic is much higher than the westbound, huh? Otherwise, HowTF could a car have kept up with a MC in traffic?!

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