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Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
After doing a couple different bikes, I've found the simplest way is to add a DC harness, leaving the OE harness untouched. I've done both and the seperate harness was by far the easiest and most reliable. You'll only add the wires that you need to run the items you've chosen to include and depending on where you decide to locate the reg/rect the under seat area can be left uncrowded. Troubleshooting the ignition remains the same as stock and you're not at the mercy of your wiring job when it quits in the middle of nowhere. I prefer to gnd the AC as it's already grounded and the dc items always come with a (+) and (-) which makes it easy to run them back to the battery. Just a personal preference though.
I really like this idea and have (2) quick questions if you don't mind. Here is the breakdown: I'm planning to run a standard 55/60 headlight and a small incandescent taillight on the stock AC wiring, and the LED turns, brake light, horn and trailtech computer and maybe a GPS on DC. I have an old DS kit that will allow me to mount a small lead-acid battery, reg/rec, etc behind the headlight. I don't really have any plans to add any more power hungry accessories.
Question #1 - I have 18ga wire to rewind my stator with, how would you recommend dividing the AC vs DC sides re: # of poles each & turns to get enough AC to run ignition, headlight and tail & leave the rest for DC ?
Question #2 - I have the reg/rec from the old DS kit as well that has (2) red wires, (2) yellow, (1) blue and (1) black coming out of it. One of the reds has ben trimmed off flush. How would you recommend I wire this up to the DC side of the stator ?
Question #3 (I lied) - any advice on separating the AC hi/lo headlight circuit from the rest of the DC stuff in the handlebar switch. I bought a BD replacement switch with Hi/Lo, Turns and horn. Could I run dc from hi/lo to a relay with the AC thru it, and if so would I need (2) relays to enable lo and hi settings ?

THX a ton for any advice !!

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