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Originally Posted by Syncrosimon View Post

I have play in the lower shock bearing on my 99 LC4 400D.

The KTM part number is

54203083050 HINGE BEARING BLASTED 45.48

And with seals and a new grease nipple it all comes to 80.

Is any one aware of an aftermarket replacement. I cannot find an All Balls replacement at half the price, but surely KTM used the same bearing on other models.

Also, does it just hammer (sorry I mean Press!) out??

Thanks for your help.

As far as I know that bearing is a KTM special & you just have to get screwed on it if you want one. Not sure on the seals for that one but all the other lower suspension bearings & seals are definitely available at any bearing shop.

A few appropriately sized sockets & a vice makes a nice press for removal/replacement.

Originally Posted by drdfblackm View Post
I am starting to think that an LC4 bike might be my next one...maybe. Can someone talk about ins and outs of 640 Adv vs 640E vs 625sxc.
If you kinda liked the DR but want something taller an LC4 would definitely be a good pick. In brief:

If you need 500km+ range, or just like the rallye look: Adv

The E is the sweet spot for me. Get one with the 18L tank.

The SXC has an extra inch of suspension which you may appreciate, but no cush hub & a smaller front brake. Small tank obviously. Some have the flat slide FCR carb which is nice vs the CV BST on the E & Adv. Most years of SXC have less oil capacity also.

The XR650L may also be worth considering - pretty basic tech like the DR but taller.

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