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Did not have very much luck getting the spare bike running this weekend.
About two months ago I got the bike started by rolling it down the street and popping the clutch. Start after the engine turned over only once. Got it home and was able to kick start it. Great, went and parked it.
Friend was over this weekend so we tried to get the bike rideable. New cables, fixed flat tires, grips, fixed the kick stand rub, levers, buttoned down the seat and gas tank, speedo cable, decomp lever and cable, checked the valve clearance (lose so I am getting full compression). Try to start it but it would not. Took about half a mile of bump starting it before it would go. Towing behind my truck up the hills so that I could bump it going down. Ran horribly when it did. Would buck so hard in the begining it would almost throw me off. Would run better with the choke on. However the chcok would not stay in place. All stock airbox and jeting for a 250 (as far as I could tell). It really pissed me off. We never did get a motorcycle ride in together.
Now I am scratching my head wondering now what.
I still can't figure out how to top out the kick starter to get a full stroke out of each kick.
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