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Wow, word travels fast. Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys - you rock!

Snapped my left clavicle in half on LITERALLY the last downhill section of two days of hard riding. My only mishap of the whole, awesome weekend. A sharp, steep, loose gravel switchback treated me to a washed-out front end and a big ole' downhill high side. 235 lbs of manliness came down hard on my left shoulder. Ouch! My gear did what it was supposed to - no other scratches. I don't know what additional gear would have helped prevent that injury - maybe some industrial-strength water wings or something? Bike was fine, of course.

Besides that, an AWESOME weekend of riding. I felt much better prepared for the dirt this time, compared to last year - thanks to riding with Tami and Eric a bunch this past year, plus the dirt sections to and from Alaska. I got to ride with Senor Peligro - which was great. Here are some photos.

With any luck, I'll be out of my brace in time for the meet-and-eat at my place... or almost, anyways. I can grill one-handed!


The gang:

Me and my steed:

Senior Peligro:

Derek & Andy change Andy's rear tube:
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