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Originally Posted by Shadowist View Post
It's fantastic seeing real-world reports on Zero Motorcycles. I've actually been really strongly considering one as my primary commuting bike. Then working on my 03' DRZ to do some adventure riding some day

Looking ahead, I realize that after graduation and my loans, I simply won't have the time (and money!) to do a west coast ride to Alaska. I also won't have the time to constantly maintain a bike (particularly my old one). So, in looking for a bike that's nearly maintenance free, almost literally costs nothing to ride, and has a nice amount of torque to get around's hard for me to find reasons not to invest in one That Zero FX is particularly inviting.
If you want a bike that costs almost nothing to ride and takes precious little time to maintain then Zeros fit the bill. I am almost to 3K miles and my cost of ownership has been a new rear tire and some go juice and time to keep it running has been almost nothing. For commuting a Zero is the best machine there is. It is truly the best commuting motorcycle that I have ever ridden. If your commute fits within the range limits then you will not be disappointed.

That FX model looks amazing. I am going to demo one of those soon but I could not live with it's limited range. Several times now I have been down to the last bar and today I went to the hidden bar so I would have a hard time living on 5.7KW.
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