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Originally Posted by crypto666 View Post
these things would be killer for bow hunting.
I have gotten some odd responses to my Zero from the local ungulates. I live in an area that is something of a game preserve. I often have elk in my yard and it is not unusual to ride through a couple of herds of elk or deer on the way to the highway.

The silence of the Zero frightens the elk. After seeing it in action for a few months now the local elk are starting to get used to it and don't react as strongly to it but they initially were more spooked from it's combination of speed and silence. I got a lot less reaction from my other ICE motorcycles in the past or while driving a cage.

The locals are getting used to it now and I rode within 20 feet of a couple of cow elk on the way home tonight.

In regards to hunting though, I think that boots always beat anything with wheels for getting close with a bow.
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