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Big Bear - May 18-19, 2013

This one is for Joel, I want him to see my pictures before he leaves for Grand Canyon.

This was my first ride after a loooong time, since DV Noobs Rally (if I don't count a short day trip to Cleghorn with David) and first tent camping since our Breadshaw Trail ride in December. My work schedule is Tuesday thru Saturday and I have Sundays and Mondays off which doesn't work for overnighters.
My original plan was leaving after work on Saturday and be at the camp by 9:00pm. Ride back on Sunday. Better than nothing. But when I asked my manager if I can leave early on Saturday, she said "take Saturday off and make it up on Monday". That was a dream come true.
So I talked to Ben and decided to meet at his place at 7:00am.

Whenever I decide to get a new camera, mine takes a great shot like this one and changes my mind. You can see that it is 6:50 and I am on 57 North going to Ben. I don't like to be late so I was there at 6:59 sharp. ;)

Ben lead the way to campground. He was happy to be riding as much as I do. Weather was somewhat cloudy on freeway all the way to 330.

As we start climbing on 330, weather got better and better.

We were well above the clouds now

We made it to the camp right on time as scheduled, 8:30am. Geoffe wa having his morning coffee without a breakfast because I missed his post about asking for breakfast.

We had a talk about HAM radios on Saturday and he educated me a little. I ended up ordering my VX-8GR today thanks to him.

Ron and Jon was on to something.

Rob had to leave and missed a good ride to Pioneer Town.
Rich finally woke up and got ready after a loooong night.

Group shot before I, Rich, Jon and Ben hit the road to Pioneer Town.

We stopped twice, one for gas in Big Bear and one for a short break.

Weather got better and better as we reach our destination.

BTW, the long sandwash was all gone. It was only a washboard left.

We did very good time to Pioneer Town this time. No problems, accidents or flats. YAYYYY!!!

Had our burgers and beer. Then killed sometime in the patio and headed back.

Our return was even faster. We took 2N01 to 38 and slab it from there. Weather and scenery was at it's best.

We get gas and headed back to camp to relax, drink and chat. Here is the water crossing right next to Crabflats. It was about 1 1/2 feet deep.
Jon made a big splash but protect his feet from getting wet.

Rich did it with less attraction (BOOORRRIIINNGGGG !!!) :lol:

Unfortunately nobody took my picture when I get wet head to toe. Water crossings are always my favorite. Even when I dump my bike.
No pictures from rest of the day. We drank, eat, set the fire around 8 and went to sleep by 9:30.
Next morning Geoffe and Jon left early. Rich, Vintage Jeff and I left the campground around 10:15 and headed back home on pavement.

I love my bike...

Scenery was spectecular. Yellow flowers everywhere and a crystal clear sky on our way back.

I couldn't spend much time with San Diego crew but one of these days, I'd love to ride with them. They are hard core. Ride on Sunday, come back to camp and head back home. Wow...
David showed up on Sunday morning hoping to see Joel and have a ride but guess what, Joel bailed out too. :shock: He hooked up with San Diego guys and had fun I heard.
It was a great riding and camping weekend for me. Especially after waiting for a loooong time. Thank you Rich for putting this together and everyone who showed up.

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