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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
I read somewhere that the Anakee 3 has a unique profile or cross-section ... for better turn in or something like that ....

So my question:
I'm ready for a new back tire, but still have lots of life left on current front tire - its the Tourance (not EXP) ... is going to handle screwy if I "mix-and-match" the A3 on the back and have a Metzeler Tourance on the front?

Probably not a great idea eh?
The manufacturers (bike and tire) will tell you you're going to die in a fiery crash if you mix tires but people do it all the time. Run a knobby front and an 80/20 tire on the back. I just picked up my new Anakee 3s yesterday and will be doing the same but in reverse. My front Battlewing is toast but the rear still has a lot of tread left. I normally just swap out both but I've got so much tread left on the Battle wing I can't bring myself to throw away a perfectly good tire.
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