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Originally Posted by mrbreeze View Post
Just got back from 4 days in the mountains with the Nomad. Nearly dropped it a coupleof times. The house we rented was on a dirt road, about 1/2 a mile in. I had to turn the Nomad around a couple of times. I pulled my left bicep catching the bike both times. It's better now but that thing is heavy heavy heavy and it HURT !!!

I still rode though, and took the wife riding. the arm only hurt when I was trying to get the helmet/jacket/gloves on. Mrs. B had to help me with that. We got on a very tight 1st/2nd gear road, and the Nomad showed her girth there too.

The Nomad was great on the open road. Very comfy and good power. It's just not meant to be manhandled.

The wife said "you need a lighter bike". Maybe a CTX? I can't wait to see it. Maybe a DL650? Or a NC700X? I like the lower seat height on the CTX. Maybe a smaller cruiser like a Vulcan 900 LT or a V-Star 950?

Anyway, I am thinking about it more seriously now.
I saw the Vulcan 900 custom in black and green at the shop the other day. I don't even like undressed cruisers, but I wanted that bike. If Honda made a loaded (abs, cruise, stereo, full faired) CTX and priced it as reasonably as the other CTX bikes, I would own one of those instead of my Victory.
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