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Originally Posted by poondangle View Post
The way I look at it, every race demands someone to finish last. I think I can be that man. I mean, what good is it to the winner, if they can't point to the loser, right. Anyway, I'm old, fat, and slow, and this rally stuff looks fun as hell. So with that, I'm in this year. I've done some reading/research from last year. It appears to be somewhat beginner friendly. I wanted to start a thread since we're about 10 weeks out to see who else might be going, any free advice, lessons learned, lies about superior performances to be promulgated etc...
Definitely beginner friendly and definitely fun as hell!!!

Only 10 weeks!

Which bike are you riding? 690?

Tons of great info in Rally University! Start here:

Supp regs from past years are always subject to change but they can give you a rough idea of schedule and important details specific to each race.

Make sure you plan on being at the Novice Competitor Orientation. Tons of valuable experience and knowledge there.
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