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Not to hijack the thread, but have you tried Pines-Sol on reconditioning your bolts? I don't know what kinda guam you are dealing with, but straight Pine-Sol will give old rusted bolts a look as though they have been zinc coated!

Leave them in overnight and wash them off with soapy water and rinse. Oh, and don't leave the Pine-Sol open to the air. The smell will give you the vapors as bad or worse than other solvents.

Hth. ~Jeff
I appreciate the tip. At this point, though, if I can manage to get them out of the engine, I'm just going to replace them with stainless. I can buy the stainless metric bolts just down the street, and I have to believe that if the OEM bolts rusted this bad in the first 24,000 miles they'll probably do the same or worse in the next 24,000.

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