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Originally Posted by reedg01 View Post
So three of the five participants from last month's event will not be available. Do we want to take a month off?

Are others planning join us?

Inquiring minds want to know!
Nah, balls to that. I'll still set it up & pimp it. If even two of YFF's show up and wander out there it'll be worth it. Mick gets a pass on caging it this time.

Let's call it the Tidewater, using your map. First post will be updated.

Steve, the cross road is the Exxon Station at Joppa & Falls. Look for the park benches behind the Exxon. Glenn will either be piloting a red VFR or maybe the DRZ (if memory serves). If I get to show up I'll be on a big blue Concours.
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