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Originally Posted by 1Buffalo View Post
In San Diego, California and loving the pics!

I am 52 years old, 6'4, 265lbs and ride a 2010 990 Adventure because frankly my days of riding a 450 on the single track are well behind me. That said, from the moment I sat on the 990 2 years ago I knew I found something special. This bike has allowed me the ability to explore places my Jeep can't go and are too far to ride on a 500Exe or other enduro.

Now I see the 1190 approaching and I'm wondering two things:
1 - Will it be coming to the USA and when?
2 - I your opinion, how does the 1190r compare to the 990r? Dirt or street.

Thanks again and please keep it coming!
G'Day Steve,

I still like riding a dirt bike but, like you, I enjoy the freedom of the big adventure bikes. Yesterday was spent riding the 1190 and it was one of the best days I have had on the bike in a while. I was on my own, with no particular plan and just let the day go where the track took me. I rode trails for 200 kilometers, sat by the ocean eating a bread roll and then wicked it up on the bitumen coming home. It was an awesome day and although I would have happily done it on my DRZ, I may have been more inclined to stay in the scrub and not venture to beach in the afternoon. Sitting there, beside a new bike, with the sun dropping behind the horizon was pretty special.

As far as comparison's go, I really haven't spent a lot of time on a 990 so I wouldn't want to put my foot in it. I can say that the 1190 makes a sensational road bike (bear in mind that I am primarily a dirt bike rider). It is smooth, easy to ride and feels light around town. In the dirt I can't really tell you how they would compare except to say that riding it yesterday I was thinking to myself that the bike would be capable of going anywhere I would want to reasonably take a big bike. It jumped erosion mounds, ploughed through some freshly bulldozed sand tracks (ie. loose powder) and skipped through muddy ruts.

Now this may be the new bike syndrome talking (quite likely) but I was really impressed with it and began to understand the LC8 obsession. I have mates who have been quick to turn over motorcycles (not unlike myself) who have purchased a 950 / 990 and held onto them like a pirate covets treasure. I could never really comprehend it but pulling off the beach yesterday and giving it a squirt on the bitumen, I am starting to come around. Hopefully this bike works out well because I feel it corrupting me already.
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