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Finishing Touches

Part of the learning curve on any new bike is figuring out it's quirks. The KTM has some really nice features that I have discovered so far but there are a couple of oversights that make you wonder, like the sidestand. Does KTM leave this job for the work experience students to design? Why must they bolt part of the bracket to the engine and why do they think that a 200kg+ bike will be supported by a sidestand with a foot the size of a small cracker? It's a minor detail I know but it sure makes it a pain to park in the bush on softer ground. Yesterday I resorted to leaning the bar against a tree because I couldn't work it out. An extension plate is on the way.

On the positive side the centrestand works really well, it is easy to get the bike onto it most of the time.

Another interesting observation is the Daytime Running Light. The run of LED's below the regular headlight are great for visibility and save running the regular light during the day but I can't seem to turn the option off permanently. When stationery, a menu appears that allows you to do so, but next time you start the bike it forgets that option and reverts to the DRL mode (ie normal light only comes on when it senses a drop in ambient light). I am guessing it's a software glitch but for now I am going to find the sensor and put some tape over it. In case you are wondering, the reason for doing so is that last night I was riding on a country road and the lights of an oncoming car seemed to trip the sensor and turn the lights off leaving me with the glow worm illumination of the LED's. Not my idea of fun at 100kph on a dark night?

Another idiosyncrasy at this stage is the ABS mode selection. Selecting the Off Road engine map doesn't change the ABS preference which still defaults to Road each time you start the bike. I guess it is a safety feature but it would be nice if the Off Road ABS feature (which works really well) stayed on while it was in that mode?

The positives are are numerous though. The bike is really put together to my eye. Most details are finished off nicely and I think it will age well, even with dirt use. The rear axle alignment bolts are exposed with the new design and won't be sitting in swing arm moisture. There is a plastic shroud under the bottom triple clamp that stops trail debris coming up through the gap and covering the rider and wiring with mud. The foot pegs are height adjustable and the bars can be moved forward and back to tailor the ergonomics. The screen works quite well but is noisy, albeit free from buffeting. Front header pipe is very exposed but nothing a decent bash plate won't sort out.

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