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Idle time now that the weather is hot. Mid-day I tooled around and took photos of the motorcycle dealers. I also created a Google map that shows the deler locations.

First, the map is here,0.338173

Now the photos - well, the outside front of the buildings, so you can spot them as you go wheeling by.

Yamaha (4 cruisers, 2 delivery bikes, 1 dirt bike, some quads and 2 Seadoos)

Kawasaki, new location (mix of sport, dirt, sport touring, dual sport/KLR)

Harley (ummm...Harleys? )

Honda (2 delivery bikes, CBR 250/600/1000, NC700S and X, ST1300)

Royal Enfield (3 Enfields, a mix of 5 used cruisers and choppers)

Now for a little diatribe!
It's Saturday. In the new scheme for weekends, this is the day most people have off from work, and it's the natural day for errands and shopping.

Are the motorcycle shops open? No, 4 of the shops are closed. Only Honda is open.

This is not such a big deal. There's always the joy of fighting late afternoon and early evening traffic on a work day.

But it is emblematic of the attitude here. The shops are ambivalent at best about accommodating pesky customers. Staying open on potentially the busiest day of the week? That would be too much to ask.
Does anyone know the GPS coordinates of the new Yam service centre? Somewhere inthe bowles of Ghala I hear.
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