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Song used for background: Band is called THE BROUGHT LOW and the song: A better life. You can find them here:

We have just returned from Albania after 8 days of 30-33 degrees Celsius, no rain weather, 4400km route. Albania is a great country to visit on a motorbike. 75% of the territory is covered by mountains. People are very nice, food is great. There are two types of roads: new ones are very good, old ones are more like a swiss cheese. But if you are looking for a place almost untouched by civilization, go there and spend at least a week on a country side. You will enjoy it a lot and coming back to your everyday reality will seem extremely boring ;)
Here are the videos:

Enjoy :)
Thanks for the reply, Shall check the band out!

Vids are great, its on the list of places to travel too!
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