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I just finished installing the new Lynx Fairing on my bike. So far I'm pretty pleased. Installation is very simple, the unit provides nice wind protection, but does not get in the way when trail riding and puts out some nice light.

I replaced the aluminum grid rock guard w/ a piece of Lexan. While the aluminum guard looked cool it put a strange web shadow in the headlight throw and makes the headlight lenses difficult to clean. I also used some curdled knobs to mount the Lexan rock guard so it can be easily removed for cleaning.

HID Low beam:

HID high beam:

Dash w/ Garmin Montana and OEM speedo:

The red button on the side turns off the low beam. Saves some wattage when offroad riding or using electric gear or trying to start the bike w/ a weak battery.

Additionally I plan to install a 10 second delay relay on the low beam that way the light will only come on after the engine is running.
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