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Repalced my Tourance with the Anakee III

I have about 3500 miles on a pair of the Anakee III. Just a tiny bit of flat spot along the crest is showing on the rear, but still plenty of deep tread left. Prior to that I had a set of Tourances.

90% of my riding has been highway. The other 10% was taking hard packed dirt and gravel roads with minimal mud.
I live in the Seattle WA area, so I have used these tires in a lot of both wet and dry conditions. I commute daily with a round trip of 64 miles (32 each way).

I paid about $340 for the pair at Cycle Gear, plus the $60 to have them mounted and balanced by them. Total out of pocket was about $400 - a huge savings of getting the same tires mounted and balanced at my local BMW dealership (close to $600).

I replaced the Tourance due to a flat and figured that I should get new sneakers on my GS as I had about 6000 miles on them.

In short. For my riding, the Anakee III is a great tire and I do prefer them over the Tourance.

For road performance, it is a smoother and quieter riding tire. In dry conditions, I can take it from edge to edge and have no problems with traction… it rides almost as good as a Michelin Pilot street tire. I say almost as it being a harder compound tire, it does take longer to warm up and even after some aggressive twisties, the tire is warm, but not hot like a Pilot would be.

Wet traction is better than the Tourance, but since it is a harder tire, tar patches and paint are slick when in an aggressive lean angle. In upright riding though, I feel that the Anakee’s do shed water better and when going through deeper puddles, I don’t get the hydroplaning experience anywhere near as bad as I would with the Tourances.

For the limited off road riding I have done, they are a stable tire and I do not feel any flex or torsion going over bigger rocks or ruts. In softer packed sand , I actually felt the Anakee’s tended to dig in better, especially at subtle lean angles and right themselves quickly.

In the muddy situations, if the mud is fairly superficial, I would put them on par with the Tourances, in the thicker deeper stuff, I think the Tourances will be better here. In fact, for more aggressive and varying off road terrain, the Tourances would be my choice.

I have noticed with the Anakee III, that once rear tire pressure gets to 35 PSI or less, the tire does give more of a “floating” sensation which I would not get on the Tourances. I use this though as the indicator to check my tire pressures and pump things up. I run pressures higher at 36 front, 42 rear.

I would agree with the majority of what people are saying about the Anakee, if 90% or greater of your riding time is on paved road, the Anakee III is the tire to get. If you do 70% paved and 30% packed dirt/sand/gravel…I would still choose the Anakee. If I was doing more offroad and had thicker and more challenging conditions, I would go for the Tourances. Anything more than that for off road bias, then get some knobbies.
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