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Some progress,

On it's way back together. Installed new intake tubes from a R75. They fit my carbs much better than the R60 ones that I had to hack up.

All together finally!

Rode a couple hundred miles with my dad last weekend. No leaks yet.

Put the bags on but I found out I have brackets for a LWB model.

So my next question is can I make these brackets work? It looks like all I have to do is modify the bottom leg a little bit by cutting it a little shorter and drilling a new hole. I'm not sure if the bags are in the correct location though.

My mounts: (LWB mounts on a SWB bike)

LWB mounts on a LWB bike:

SWB mounts on a SWB bike:

To me it looks like the actual bag mount in the same spot on both wheelbases. The shocks on the LWB are moved back for the longer swingarm but the front bagmount bolt looks to be in the same spot on the front of the subframe. Am I thinking right???

Should be easy to modify this to work.

Tell me what you think! Thanks.
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