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Quick Google search of Phillip Michael Eggers will show that he as been arrested in Texas on weapons and possession charges on top of the other prior felony charges in CA.

Hope he goes straight to jail.

Hope the riders are OK. Anybody hear anything about them. It would be nice to hear their side of the story.

Sounds like they got a lawsuit on their hands. They could make sure this guy would never be able to afford a car again, regardless of what the courts do.
If I would catch the guy who runs me of the road when I'm on a bike, I'll be the one who will most likely go to jail, after I finish with him.
It is then up to the jurge to determine the right punishement for me.

When I have done my time I would like to get a second chance in life.
I can not disagree more, with the public naming and shaming that apparently is concidered perfectly normal in the US.

This guy will never get a normal job and whatever honest live be builds-up after he has served his time, will always be ruined when people around him at some point unavoidably get confronted with his past. (internet will only get worst that way in the future)
I think the guy is a real dick that should be punished very hard, but when that is over, it should be over.
Otherwise you are intentionally creating an unavoidable downward spiral in a persons life, that can result in nothing but trouble for anyone around him.
(like that little boy in the back seat)
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