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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
I wonder why there's so much nostalgia for races which were won on Saturday? Races which bored us to tears on Sunday. Races with no passing. Races with no tension. Races with preordained outcomes.

Races where they might as well have left the cars in the trailers.

Do people really understand what it is they want to return to?

It's crazy.
No nostalgia here. I just don't find pit stops to be exciting, I don't envision parked (however briefly) cars when the word "racing" crosses my mind, and I don't think pit stops should be the focus of any spint race.

What's frustrating is that the reason for F1's processional nature is known to every engineer in the paddock, including those that write the rules. Yet F1 does nothing substantive to address it. Instead they pile on gimmicks--DRS, tires designed to fail, etc.--as if what any sport really needs to be more exciting is more management from the blue blazers.

I'm left to assume they don't want to fix it, for whatever reason(s).

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