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Originally Posted by MasterChief View Post
Went for a single track ride on Sunday. I thought i had a 12 tooth front sprocket to lower the gearing some, but it did not fit. stock it is way too high. I found a 45 tooth rear that I never installed on my 610. that will go on before I hit the trails again. The high gearing combined with lean running/stalling, the starter not functioning right and a clutch lever that is to big for my hand all conspired against me.

The bike is back at the dealers to richen the map, fix the starter and switch the speedo to miles. I just got an adjustable clutch lever and I'm going to install the 45 tooth sprocket and a 12 tooth front. A little adjustment to the suspension and I'll be ready to hit the trails again.
I just received the recall on the starter, once warm mine will not start unless in neutral and ignition has shut down (headlight/speedo), it acts like there is not enough power in the starter motor. Battery is fine.
Do you know what the starter repair consists of?
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