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Originally Posted by dwj - Donnie View Post
It had 4,900 miles on it when I purchased it two years ago. It has 20,000 miles now. But it has been one of five motos and now it is my only moto. I have averaged riding 42,000 miles per year for the last ten years and 89,000 in 2011 and 2012. My only trip this year was on my R1100GS and was 96 days, 10,300 miles. I can assure you given good health and no bad accidents, this KTM will not out last me!

But I am trying to get a better idea of how long it might last and what issues I should expect as the miles accumulate. I am referring to continuous traveling with down time limited to maintenance and an occasional issue. This moto will not experience yearly tear downs when riding season is gone and there is snow on the ground. This moto will be near 100% of my transportation. I will have my truck parked in the US, but when I am not traveling, I will live in Mexico, with the KTM as my sole transportationn.

BTW, this moto will be ridden as an Adventure Moto, not a Dual Sport. It will see significant action south of the border, but very little off road.
How can it be an adventure moto and see very little off road?

Seriously, I think you're over thinking this. Do the scheduled maintenance and service the wear items and there's no reason you won't see well over 100k miles. Plenty of folks here have turned over 100K miles on 950s/990s. Of the bikes you've listed I'd put my money on the 990 any day.
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