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Originally Posted by mcma111 View Post
Last year I fixed a fellas 1993 XR650l that dropped a seat. Took out the piston, the head was so cracked it wasn't worth the repair. Big money fix. Even though he had re-jetted the carb he was running it on the freeway like a CB1000. Then he moved farther from work and blew up the motor again running it so hard. I talked him into a multi cylinder bike.
Right you are , but I use my XL as a commuter too. Luckily it is a short commute of 18 miles one way. I do have a couple of multi's I can ride, both vintage too, CB750K1 and a KZ750N. I keep the bikes at the shop and have enough cars that I can pretty well cherry pick my days. If the weather turns nasty at either end I can grab a car and run with it.

That being said when the time comes to choose my steed for the commute home I choose the 600 almost every time due to the fact that it is just more fun to ride even though it is not as well suited to the highway. If I have to take a longer trip with limited gravel exposure the multi is really the answer, though I would still think long and hard before abandoning the single. I also find it interesting that the 600 is geared higher for the road than the KZ. It turns less RPM per MPH than the KZ, although the Kawi does have a lot wider and more comfortable seat, making it the long range choice on the highway.

So far I have been lucky with the big single, other than a freak broken crank it has taken my abuse of it's design limitations. The option is always there with the XL of taking the long graveled road home too.
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