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I agree for the most part. I, for one, am normally against law suits and think they should only be used as a last resort.

On the other hand, who is supposed to pay for all the medical bills the two riders will receive once the insurance runs out? Not only that, but who is to pay for all the wages lost do to the mishap? And the trauma inflicted on the riders?

Leave all the mental anguish/trauma out of it. Just look at it on a monetary basis.

Medical Bills for two people (This could be by far the biggest cost.)
Lost Wages for two people (Maybe even a Job, depending on the employer.)

That's just the three things off the top of my head that I can think of and I am sure there is more than that. I bet insurance would cover, maybe a third of that, maybe a little more.

Are you saying the riders, in this case, should be responsible and have to pay these debts.

I understand they may of had their part in the "exchange of words", but they did not use deadly force and then flee the seen.
I agree that the prick should pay all costs involved.
(not what my post was about, but I do not think you meant thast either)

I am always amazed at the height of US law suits, but after reading this and knowing a little bit about US income/medical insurance issues, I'm starting to understand.

In my country basic healthcare insurance is mandetory and it covers all regular medical bills indefinetlly. (not aroma threatment etc. but all the normal stuff)
Also your emplorer and the goverment keep paying your regular (former) wages for up to 2 years, after which you go into regular social welfare. (enough to live)

As a result of this, here, that guy would barely have to pay for any of the actual damage he caused and all of it will fall on taxpayers.
Income- and other taxes are a lot higher here and healthinsurance cost are expected to get out of hand soon. (more and more old people etc.)

Here jurges could also be a bit more generous about awarding mental anguish/trauma claims (here $10.000 for that would already be very high) but from what I hear US claims can get a bit extreme to the other side of the scale.
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