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All other problems aside, it looks to me that the real desert era may end up pretty soon.

Factories may disagree with prototypes, may be they want to associate rally racing machines with current models like once did (Tenere, Africa, DR big, Tuareg... etc) but leaving prototypes out of the equation is a no go for the future. At least IMHO.

By trying unique things in this environment, may be some things will find their way into production. Why not open the gates to privateers ? The 450 cc deal of course is better than larger capacity engines and there are lots of 450 engines around. But I feel that there is something missing in the rule book there which I fail to understand. The bike has to be in production. Much like the SBK's were. Why don't they add another category with prototypes that conform to certain basic rules? Engine capacity being one of them. But if you build a frameless 2x2 bike with a 450 engine and they don't allow it to race how on earth do you help in progressing things a little bit further ?

I hope this turns out the other way round from what it looks now Jenny
May be we should all order one LC4-50 and make it to the start line
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