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Meanwhile, back on the streets of Otavalo...

...I hang back with the bikes taking in the sights and playing with my camera...

...while Dave shops.

Once he disappears deep into the sea of blue tarps the gentleman across the way comes over and strikes up a 'conversation'. While we make a feeble attempt to communicate he checks out the bikes. His buddy joins him. We all just kind of hang.

Somewhere in all of the excitement I do manage to poach some wi-fi and check in back home. It's been a few days.

Eventually Dave returns...

...sporting his latest fashion accessory. He's gonna kill me.

Of course, we have to goad him into a close up, "You know, for our people back the camera!"

Mid-shoot something goes dreadfully wrong!

Dude from across the way explains that this ascot is woven from the wool of an anaconda and it will eventually choke the life out of him.

"No seņor. Not really."

All loose clothing tucked in out of the spokes, we make our way out of town...

Skip to 01:25 for the street market ride
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