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Originally Posted by MymoJoe View Post
How does it sound with the after market muffler? Does the cat get removed from the mid pipe? You mention you were addicted to the Akro song on a 9xo.. Do they sound the same?
G'Day Joe,

I am reserving judgement on the sound at the moment. As the bike loosens up it actually sounds Ok with the stock pipe but is far from the rumble of twin Akro's on a 990. The standard bike we tested was fitted with an Akro slip on but I thought it still sounded muted? It appears as though the muffler needs to be pulled apart to get the bungs out which I guess is a sign of political correctness. Personally, I think my neighbours and other road users will appreciate the deep rumble of an appropriately piped 1190 so I am still on the hunt for a good solution. I think Remus have one available now and I have been talking to Jason Barrett who was looking to build one locally. The Barrett's sound good on Bob's bike so that may well be the path I take.

The cat to me looks as though it is seperate from the muffler, enclosed in a flared canister near the centrestand? I am guessing this is why the Akro doesn't require re-mapping on the 1190 as the main source of restriction is further back in the pipework? I think it would be easy enough to bypass if someone knew what they were doing with it (I don't but I am sure I could find someone who does). My main concern with that is mapping the bike accordingly so I might leave well enough alone for the moment.
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