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I'm interested. Some of my answers depend on time of year/weather conditions and what the cost of each additional race day has on the entry fee as well as how many you want to enter. The simpler and cheaper you can keep it the more interest you'll get.

1. I'd like to see five to six days of racing depending on the entry fee cost of each additional race day.

2. Length of race day depends on the terrain and total length of rally. If a three day event I'm up for three eight to ten hour days. If longer, 5-8 hrs with a long stage thrown in somewhere depending on terrain and liaisons.

3. Navigation that is challenging but not intentionally misleading or a rabbit trail from two years ago works for me. Degree of difficulty could limit how many entrants you get if too challenging.

4. I'd like to see terrain suitable for full on Rally bikes. Terrain difficulty should depend on the type of bike you want to show up to your event and how many entrants. If you want Rally bikes then the terrain should be set according to what can be handled by a good rider with out bashing the bike up. If it's to difficult you'll loose peoples interest from fear of rider fatigue or equipment abuse. Check with the guys that did the Tuareg, I think there were sections not suitable for full on rally bikes though small bike had no issues. With that said, a mix of terrain would be great. The variety of what I road with you over the three days at Dumont a few years back was great.

5. An optional practice stage or two in one day would be good. Maybe two short stages. The first, 1-2 hrs, so those who have difficulty navigating can get help or a chance to tune to the bike before moving onto a second of 2-3-hrs. Varying terrain representative of the overall course would be nice if accessible. If doing this then I'd say a five day race maximum and make it optional for an additinal fee.

6. Camping depends on length of race and time of year and how cheap hotels are. The shorter the race, <3 days, and the more favorable the weather (not to hot) camping works. A longer race, 5-6 days, it would be nice to have a hotel night or two mixed in. I could see a six day race with the fourth day ending early at a hotel. Kinda of like a "rest afternoon". Could even be turned into a parc expose for the town, sponsors etc.

7. Paved liaisons are minor inconvenience. Liaison length is relative to time. Keep the specials 5-8 hours and the overall day 7-10 hrs accordingly.

8. I'd like to see a stationary bivouac with maybe one move if a longer rally. Stationary bivouacs are definitely more cost effective and fewer people are needed to support a rider or multiple riders. This may not be a big deal to the west coasters but it is huge to those traveling from the midwest and east. The more movement the more cost and man power needed per individual rider. If a longer rally, >4 days, moving once would work and probably help in offering varying terrain. A stationary bivouac near a town would be nice so entrants have the option to camp or hotel, similar to the Tuareg.

9. Depends on 3 times of what?

10. Baja racers have enough desert races in Mexico and the US. Keep the sprint bikes out, if they are interested in Rally let them conform.

Hope this helps.
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