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heres a f*ckin rant for ya

just got off phone with an overpaid self righteous bitch gettin on my ass about submitting f*ckin statistics for da revenue people here.
i just dont understand their system and now im in the shit - i asked her can i be jailed for this bullshit - not immediately she replies the smug hoor -
but, she says, we can prosecute and eventually it may come to that.......

this is about f*ckin statistics......!!! no wonder the world is gone bloody mad

and another hoor i work with is givin me so much grief bitchin n whinin and moanin

thank god to get out on the road for an hour to clear the head.....a tank of petrol, its better than drugs !

rant now officially over -


back to story of going to Italy

next morning, with a maggoty head on me and after missing the breakfast on the ferry, i head down to get ready to go. the boat ties up

a whole hour goes by, every other conceivable vehicle ever created gets off the ferry before us dicks with our bikes in one small corner....!!

im rarin to go but cant get out

i figure to do 1100 km today, get clear across france as near to swiss border as possible and it is already 9 am and im standing in a metal box blowin a head gasket.

eeeveentually - we're off....up tha ramp and away like frig

all headin the one way and as miles go up each separates down a different road, it is cloudy or misty or whatever the french word is.

the head clears slowly a bit like the mist and soon im on these huge freeways heading for paris

of course no manners and the fuel runs out very fast, stop for snack, no shaggin tea here, just cafe ! monsieur ! cool !

first stop, havent a baldy where this is and dont much care either

mother of jaysu but it is turning out to be a massively boring ride, just big wide flat roads all the bloody way across the country, i was falling asleep and it
wasnt even lunchtime. lunchtime, time for a stop and third refill..

stopped here, got coffee no sorry cafe from a massive freakin machine, a huge thing covering a wall, not very french really and i got a croc monsieur
i think thats what it was called, it had everything in it -
ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, tuna, corn and on and on - it tasted like total puke !

i thought Autogrill would be good because in Italy you get good stuff to eat and it is fast but this was worse than home, way worse.

so away again with a now very achy tired head

eventually of course , the bleedin rain started and the thunder, and the lightening - a total freakin storm

i was wetter than...well i was very wet

i remember being stopped forever at a toll booth and it was pissing down and about 3 inches of water on the ground, lightening brightening up the dark cloudy sky
and a kid was in a car near me looking over and laughing and pointing, well little kid, ive got a message for you - i know where you live you little bollox !

got into another rest stop, stopped, dropped my arms took of gloves and about 2 gallons of water ran down my sleeves, great bloody time, more french people
laughin ! bollox.

this is turning out to have only pics of rest stops, i know you like them so heres one more, but thats it - you'll get no more after this.

it was getting late, i reckoned i would go as far as Belfort (i think thats the name of the town), it was near the border and i had clocked up the 1100 km by then.

so i stayed in the best part of town (as you do !)

sorry - intermission -

the cattle need feeding !

to be continued
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