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Just rode my dreambike home in the rain

@BurrinRider - Just rode my dream-bike home in the rain - 1190R

What I love about it from the test ride and first ride home - the engine which sh1ts all over the GS - kind of a controllable Multistrada usable feel ; the light enduro bike handling feel ; the hydraulic clutch is sweet ; the rider position for standing and leaning forward ; the brakes ; the super easy to read cockpit.

After shaking hands with the dealer - the clouds looked very dark and night was falling. I noticed right away the headlight is daylight sensitive and once out of the shop the headlight went off - (the rider manual shows the headlight switch has more positions than it actually has and in AU that leaves you with the "V" Light and low beam controlled by some hidden sensor) As I rode back in traffic in the dark I clearly saw the headlight come back on as it decided to go "on" and illuminated the car infront on me - Is there anyway to use the orange program key to set it to permanently on? Then it started to rain hard - switched to rain mode on the fly - rolled throttle forward - done. With my Rukka armas suit I love rain riding - so took the long way home and found the red light alerting me to change gears. handling was faultless and tracked well in turns in night rain - I could fell the geometry changing quite a lot between braking and acceleration in the dark. Gearbox is a little tight and needs a very full clutch throw/pull to change down - missed a few gear changes going down - clutch is super light one finger. The indicators take a bit of getting used to as that switch sux. Vibration is very low and I found myself griping the bars very lightly due to the handling being light. The 1190R has a linear streering dampener - but it feels quite light as if it needs dialling up.

Just enough space in the garage to fit 4 bikes - stood starring at it for while - god it such a good looking bike - Easy trumps the ridiculous front of the latest GS and parked next to my Tiger1200 Explorer - have to says it better designed visually than the Tiger as well.

race motocross - or ride far into the outback, on an adventure bike - & repeat that day after day until you forget about all the other bullshit in life
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