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Originally Posted by guavadude View Post
On Sat at SLAP I was leading the ride and we were heading back to Byrd's from Jasper. My Montana routed us down 21 and then south on Moon Hull Rd which ended up in some guy's yard with a barking Pomeranian dog nipping at my heels. (who the hell has Pomeranians in AR?!?) Looked like the road running next to the house might be it but it was so overgrown we decided to turn around and came down Panther Creek Rd which we had taken on the way up.

Now I'm looking at the google maps and they show that road stopping at show dog guy's house but my City Nav 2013 in Basecamp shows it going through to 215.
With satellite view in GM I can see the road but it looks like it might have washed out on the side of the mountain.
Just wondering if it goes all the way through.
Here's the spot

My 2005 Ozark Forest Service map shows it as a dirt road 1417 and that it does go through.
We have run into situations such as this before and here you have to be real careful as some of this asscockfacses seem to "claim" the road and close it off. If you are stopped by them and happen not manage to get shot, place a call to the county sheriffs dept and have them come out and set the asscockface right...or you could be all nice and such and ask for permission to continue, not likely you'll get it tho...
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