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Originally Posted by NJ-Brett View Post
Most people here crack me up.
My favorite bike has about 20 hp and I ride it everywhere, and have more fun on it then any other bike I have ever owned, and the V7 is under powered?
Its 400 pounds, if it had 80 or 90 hp it would be over 500 pounds and a big heavy sled, like the Bonneville. It would suck gas and need a bigger gas tank, bigger suspension parts, stronger frame, stronger driveline, and would be one of the other bigger Moto Guzzi's....
Your taste, your ride. But yes, for what I enjoy in a bike I consider 40ish hp to be on the low side. Sure, less can be done, but why? I actually have bikes that make less, but I don't enjoy riding them as much personally. And just to clarify, nothing in my garage makes over around 90. In over 30 years of riding I've discovered that for ME, somewhere around the 70-90 range does everything I need and want. I have no need for todays 140+hp machines, but anything less than upper 60's is just a little less than what I find optimal. Again, for ME.

But seriously. My '93 Duc 900SS was rated with 84hp, and weighs just over 400lbs dry. The Monster 696 weighs 407 wet and is rated at 80 hp. The 1100 version weighs 414 WET, and makes 100 brake hp. That's only two pounds more than the 796 which makes in the upper 80's. Different machine altogether I know, but still a two valve twin.

Wanna go lower tech? The Buell XB12 weighed right around 400 lbs and made 103hp and 84 ft/lbs of torque with a push rod twin that's original design just as old, if not older, than that of the Guzzi mill. You could detune it quite a bit and still be well within the range I asked for.

I don't really think that 70-80 hp (the range that I said would suit me just fine) would be out of the question. That's really not asking for much these days. I mean, come on man, 47 hp out of a 850 mill? Why a machine making 70- 80 hp would need to weigh 500lbs is beyond me when tons of light bikes make that kind of power, and many make well over that amount and are even lighter.

Suck gas and need a bigger tank? Really? Geesh! Get real, man. What kind of mileage do you think bikes in that output range get? We're not talking a fire breathing monster here. . And if 4.5 gallons of fuel ain't enough... well...

Originally Posted by NJ-Brett View Post
From what I read, V7 service is as easy as it gets, no coolant, valves are screw and locknut, easy to get at, no chain and sprockets, fuel injection, whats to do on the bike?
Order filters/gaskets/brake pads on line, have spares on hand, and you never need to go to any dealers.

Besides the very nice style and sound, I would pick the V7 over other bikes just because its so light.
I am with you on that part.

There are good resources and helpful folks online that can pretty much answer your questions. There's at least a couple of decent MG specific forums. And the bikes are pretty simple and easy to work on. Nothing that a reasonably mechanically inclined owner can't handle. Well, at least that was the case with the older pre-FI models. I have no idea about the newer ones. Is there a consumer available method for checking computer diagnostics codes and such, or are you married to the dealer for that sort of thing like with BMW? I'm afraid that while FI may have brought some advantages it has also put an end to the shade tree home mechanic being able to solve all his problems with a well stock tool chest. At least for a lot of new machines. Either way though, for service and the vast majority of repairs you could probably handle most things yourself. As Brett said, there's really not much to doing the basic stuff like oil changes and valve adjustments.

Granted, shaft drive requires less regular maintenance, but when and if it does need servicing it is quite a bit more complex than a simple chain and sprocket set.

And I seriously considered one a while back myself. IMO, NOTHING sounds better than a Guzzi with a nice set of pipes at full chat! I like the size, and I could live with the suspension and brakes. Just get it into the upper 60's hp range or above and I'd be happy. Get it over mid 70's and I'd be ecstatic.
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