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Thanks Tom. Great photos. And great to meet you. Thanks for flagging me down. I don't suppose you saw that hat on the back fall off as I rode down the road by chance? Worn it all the way from NY, then left it on the back as I pulled off. Doh!

And Chilango, I thought about it, but time and cash were against me. And had I made it to Prudhoe you'd have said why not down to Argentina as well. And I guess at some point you have to know when it's time to stop. In the future I'd like to go back to Alaska and with more time and money on my side see it properly. But I loved Skagway, met some great people, didn't feel I had anything left to prove, and was happy to be bording the ferry south rather than riding further north on a bike with a failing bottom-end. And didn't some South American dude do Prudhoe on a scooter, I seem to remember seeing the pics...

But yeah, great place Alaska, and the Yukon.

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