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I bought a brand new stand with Mikes permission (LMAO) from another inmate and it is a 10lb POS! It raises the front wheel and firmly plants the rear wheel. Mike has jerked me around since March promising tp send me another to make it right... just read the emails in his words.... I just finished Tour de Tellico and my front wheel stand was a big hit!!! Mike offered to pay me far less than I paid another inmate for it plus me ship it to him... he also told me to install and use it while he built me a new one... now he's just flaked out on me all together... so I'd have to sell it as used and suffer even more loss$$$$
Dont even come back with what a good guy Cigar is... I wanted to believe it too but he offered to make his hand made stand right and then blew me off over 10 weeks time.

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Nick, I just answered your email. Sorry, but I don't check my business emaill account everyday or ADV. The side stand will bump up against the centerstand when retracted. Yes, you do need to have the side stand down when deploying and retracting the centerstand. It is possible that I got the balance off on that stand. If you have bags on the rear with any weight in them the bike will sit on the rear wheel. Mine does when I am loaded up.

I will see about getting a stand to replace that one and exchange it. In the mean time can you place a little weight on the front of yours for servicing? When mine is loaded, usually the weight of my jacket and helmet will tip it on the front.

Sorry about that.

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