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Originally Posted by pinarello rider View Post
What is the maintenance like on these, and what warranty issues have you had? What about other riders? I understand you can't speak for them, but I'm curious about the rumors. I ride a HD Sportster 883 now and really like the size and manueverability of it - along with the gas mileage as I would mostly be commuting 20 miles on 60mph state highway where speeds rarely go above 65. I like my commute. :)

Thanks in advance.
Thank you for your kind compliment!

I have owned a few new bikes and all of them had some niggles of some kind when brand new. A lot of them were caused or missed during dealer prep.

The lil Guzzi had a couple of electrical problems the first year that spoiled the love- the damp winter climate here caused one electrical terminal in one electrical connector to turn green and temperamental, and the first month the tps thingy went bad and was replaced under the warranty.

Once I found the intermittent terminal, cleaned and sealed the connector - the bike has been 100% reliable - just hop on and go. Finding a fixing a simple problem felt real good and maybe completed the bonding.

The biggest worry for us V7 owners has been the cold-starting fueling nature... engine needs to be warmed up to use and the other big one was gasohol swelling the early plastic tanks. The new models have been changed to correct the early concerns .... it is now as good as any Honda I have owned....

I ride mostly remote rural and town roads, and at slow speeds usually, but with lots of hills curves, deer, tourists, bicyclists and no shoulder it can be exciting at times.

I have done 3 long rides on the bike and found that I didn't really need to change the basics - bars and seat fine - footpegs are ok, fits. Add a shield to keep the bugs off -(I tried a big screen, but the little one works much better), and a set of removable luggage to carry your stuff.

The stock footpegs are ok, but my legs have always been the problem on long rides - I always get a cramp in one leg or the other. This spring I put on 1" lowered pegs that are very very comfortable - and they seem to work without any loss of cornering but this summer's ride will test em! I cant remember any bike that fit me better than this one. Thats it - nothing else to do or left to farkle up now!

As to commuting on the V7, I really like that it feels like a small light bike, very agile yet stable - its great for my kind of riding, but if you are mainly going back and forth on a stretch of straight interstate, it might not be the best bike for you.
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