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This week the 10.8mm oversize valve guide reamer arrived.
So I started right in on fixing that front cylinder head

The after reaming one hole I pounded in a new oversized valve guide, just to see how it would all go. It was easy.

I made that little aluminum spacer to get depth of the guide right.
That went so well I did the other and then reamed the valve stem bore with the Suzuki 4.5mm reamer. I think it was about $160 for the two reamer from RonAyers.

Next up, I checked the valve seats with prussian blue. They were perfect. I was a bit worried I'd get the new guides a little crooked with the hand reamer, but not so.

These two exhaust seats were a bit pitted. They did not leak mineral spirits, but since I was this far into the job seemed like I should do something about it. (All other 6 seats look perfect) I don't have valve seat cutters, but at work we have an old Sioux valve dressing set. I found a few old wore out aircraft seat stones and trimmed them down to fit a 1 inch valve at 45, 15, and 60 degrees.
Here I put the 45 on and just turned it by hand 2-3 turns and it took out the pits. checked it again with prussian blue and I found no need to do any more. It measured out right by the book.

The second one did not turn out quite as perfect, The guide must have been at the slightest angle and it took a little more fiddling.

I think that's all for the moment.
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