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back again, no grass this year so mostly nuts !

to continue,

this was a forlorn kind of area to be in and all services could be bought at most street corners so i made for a hotel nearby as i really needed to dry out by now..

spotted a best western hotel with secure parking, opposite train station........perfect !

train station, as seen from one of those street corners mentioned before.

i know it is a bit daft putting a pic of a train station on here, but there you go. it's part of my life's experience and all that.

so i go into reception, through the secure area !!

and started to negotiate a good price for a room with a view !!

very quickly i had made a great bargain of the exact going rate (take it or leave it monsieur !) for an incredible room with an amazing view !

see the amazing view below...

well spotted you bright's a view of the train station....!!!

i stripped off leathers (in my room), they weighed twice what they should the idiot i am, i kept thinking the rain would stop, the
air would dry me i didnt put on the waterproofs that were sitting folded in my bloody panniers.........big lesson in life, get off the damn bike and put them on if
it starts to rain....such a simple simple rule but i couldn't even get that one right.

i hung leathers, boots, gloves and my mormon underwear in the bathroom and it started to drip drip drip.........ten minutes later floor was a mess, towels, wiping etc etc

i used the hair dryer for every purpose but the right one but feck all use it was....

i got pissed off and went down the street for some great french cuisine....!!

mega choice of slice of pizza or kebab..........the cordon bleu society is alive and well for sure !

settled on a slice or two of plain pizza and tin of fanta....!!! it was a joy to behold, and lo, all the hunger was satiated, and man once again could burp with a
feeling of total satisfaction coming from his loins (well, not total satisfaction, but nearly).

the rain that had come forth in such a deluge continued into the night making it difficult for me to converse with the pretty ladies who hung out by the street corners.

that, and the fact that i have no french, made it an early night for me.

besides, my arse was a bit numb from riding all that way from the ferry.

and so to bed, but first another round of trying to dry my clothes......i was up every hour or two using dryer/towels etc cos i knew it would be the worst feeling in the
world to put this crap on again, get on a bike and ride through switzerland and up over the cold alps (i know that you know what i mean)........which is what i was planning next day !

i dreamt of watery things, wet things, warm things and other things...!!

next morning.

bonjour to the new day....feck all sleep really..........i am naturally a happy person as you can see from this monologue, the grumpiness is just fantasy really

And lo, the sun arose over the french city, but no one saw it, hidden once again behind grey grey greyness.

up ya good thing.

soggy leathers on, soggy boots on, soggy feckin gloves on....worst feeling known to man.....

soggy arse planted upon no no ......still tired from yesterday and all the pretty girls were gone home too.

off, off and away we go, up the road to the border.

loads of big trucks, queued up for miles, i slipped on by everyone.....a great pleasure, right to top of the line !!

welcome to switzerland............!!!

some welcome

first thing is i get pulled over by cops or whatever they are called, roaring something at me in a foreign language (well, foreign to me anyways !)

about money and tickets - WTF, send in the bloody clowns, this is not the touristy, yodelling, choclatey freakin welcome i had in mind !!!!

of course it was all about money, isn't it always. i had been robbed by tolls all day yesterday and these feckers wanted more.......!

can't argue with buffoons in uniform in a language you can't speak while sitting in a shroud of wetness.....i just couldn't do it, so i paid the man.

we spend our lives just paying the man, always some man, just paying him, always. then you go home and you have to pay her (don't get me started on that)

so it costs me 50 something euros for a stupoid sticker which will entitle me to ride slooowlly across this tax haven for the (man) shameless.

it lasts for a year, i need it for a day......tough shit jonny foreigner ha ha ha !

and the change i got was some huge bloody silver coins big enough to skim across one of their big flat blue lakes...great. not.

away, away...they cant take my soul, well not yet anyway.

they drive slooowwly in this part of the i hammered it past them to a fading song of beeps, toots and raised fists.......50 euro, i'll get my money's worth !

the weather like my mood is starting to brighten (both were in the shitter to be fair)

i enter zurich, their motto should be - easy to enter, totally impossible to leave !

can't get a handle on this city at all........pull in, eat a toblerone, drink a hot chocolate and move up the road.

stopped again as nature was calling.

cafe/coffee/jo and a bun/croissant/donut, but no smile, no have a nice day, just a blank look of 'ive more money than you, piss off'

switzerland could only get better...........and it did, it really did.

as i ate the sweet thing (not that sweet thing) i noticed it had jam/jelly right through it, see pic below....this was ingenious i thought (we're not very inventive where i
come from)

i actually spent many hours later that day trying to figure out how they got the jam/jelly in while high up in the mountains going a bit demented !!

(in my country we still can't figure how they get the figs into the fig rolls (type of cookie/biscuit/biscotti sweet thing)

and it was very tasty

by now it was hotting up, after much time passing i finally got out of zurich by using the correct road (doh !)

it was getting up to 30 degrees, steam was rising from the leathers and it felt very squirrely inside them.

so i pulled into next service station, filled up, 1 euro to take a leak in a very fancy restroom/diner place with nice view, see below

no, the pic isn't of the fancy restroom, it's outside the fancy restroom. it was only 5 euro just to sit in the diner here but i wasn't feeling too charitable by now.

sorry, gotta go

usual story, cattle need feeding again...
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